Thursday, February 03, 2011

just when you thought it was safe to come out of the woods

amazingly enough i have been deemed a finalist in the literary category of medical weblog awards of 2010. i am truly honoured and yet...

this nomination comes at a time of reflection and introspection for me. it comes at a time when my writing has waned somewhat and i have even wondered at its point. yet when something like this comes along i truly am humbled and i do consider either continuing this blog or possibly finding another forum for these musings.

anyway, for those that think there may be something to be gleamed from my scrawlings, please feel free to vote for me. however i actually advise you all to use these awards to more thoroughly explore the blogs of my worthy opponents, and if you find their writings more inspiring or more creative then please do not vote for me but rather for them. also the awards are for 2010, so please do not judge me by the recent stuff that finds its way onto this blog. rather delve into some of the posts that landed here in the year gone by. some of them are worth the read i think.

to see the categories and contestants go here.

to vote, go to this page and chose your favourite.


rlbates said...

You have my vote.

Jabulani said...

You have mine too, and a sincere hope that your musings continue to wander out of the woods. They hold their own, either in current form, or earlier.

Anonymous said...

Several doctors are regularly published in the New Yorker magazine, though usually not writing about their personal experiences.

Alternately, a good editor could probably pull what you've written so far into a compelling book.

In any case, please add a note on this blog if you start publishing in other forums..

Jayne said...

I've just voted & was extremely happy to see you're in the lead :-)

You have a unique way of making your posts personal, even though they contain little or no information about yourself, with the exception of how you practice a certain procedure. I genuinely hope you continue with this blog, but should you choose to change to another forum, please let your readers/followers know :-)

Keep writing bongi - it's the equivalent of chicken soup for the soul :-)

StorytellERdoc said...

Congratulations to you, Bongi! Weren't we just here a year ago? LOL Anyway, just to be nominated with you as a finalist is quite an honor.

I hope this finds you well.

VIVA TIVA said...

Why so down?

Bongi said...

storyteller, i would say let the best man win, but actually i wouldn't mind winning myself, so i won't.

viva, tired of the underbelly.

Anonymous said...

Bongi I enjoy reading your posts no matter what the content, happy or sad.You have a way of showing your humanity in your writing which is both compelling and humbling.
You have my vote and you had it last year too

SarahRx said...

You have a way of showing your humanity and that of your patients. I hope that you will continue to share that with us, whether here or elsewhere. Chicken soup for the soul indeed.

F in Alabama said...

I echo the others in saying that I'll certainly vote for you. Please be encouraged by the knowledge that I eagerly check for new posts on your blog- not just because I'm interested in medicine, but also because of the quality of your writing. It's facinating and worldview-broadening to read your perspective of life in South Africa. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog!

Garbage said...

I was always impressed by the way you carried yourself in the world of medicine, how you were brave enough to care (and still do). Out of all the doctors and consultants and professors I met in medical school, the one who made the biggest impression on me was you; and though I stopped blogging (you mentioned my blog in your first blogpost - Nov 7, 2006 - yes, my blog was melodramatic crap, but hey, I was going through a hard time) and for the most part stopped reading blogs I always came back to other things amanzi. I kind of grew up with it, going through internship and community service and now almost a year after that. You taught me some of the most important things about being a doctor, both at med school and through your blog. I think if you stop writing, I'll go through your (huge - 4 years of blog!) archive, just to pick up those lessons I might have missed first time around.

I can understand if after 4 years a blog starts to feel more like a chore than fun. I'm sure on some level you want to take your writing to a different level.

I hope we will somehow run into each other again some day. You're not a registrar anymore and I'm no longer a student, but you still have a lot to teach and I still have a lot to learn.

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is big thank you for having silently kept me company through the last 4 years, for being my role model as a doctor and an inspiration. Your blog is awesome.

Bongi said...

garbage, i think this is the most significant comment i have ever had on my blog. thank you. in the end it is people like you that make it all worthwhile.

in a sense what you say about it maybe becoming a chore is true. that is no good. i will continue to blog but for a while i think the posts will be fewer and farther between.

on a personal note, in so many ways your blog all those years ago was the reason i started blogging so you have been an inspiration to me. i often thought about you and hoped it went well. i always believed you would make a good doctor for the simple reason that you did care and it all did get to you. that is a good thing, not a bad thing. ironically that is one of the reasons i have become introspective. the underbelly of mankind gets to me too. but i like to think i might make just a little difference here and there (despite what the 'friend' from my previous post may think of me).

just thanking you again for inspiring me then and inspiring me again.

p.s i always liked your hat, but i don't think i could have pulled it off.

PS said...


I've got a few cold ones in my fridge. You're welcome to share them with me...