Wednesday, May 16, 2007


just a quick update of things. firstly it seems my internet connection problems are sorted out so hopefully my posts will be more regular.

on failure, as i said i would do, i tendered my resignation, but stated my availability to do part time work for the state. they verbally said they would appreciate that but never went further than that. for good measure the admin also called me in for a session of verbal abuse. very refreshing. they then told the doctors at the hospital that i was the problem. so i have resigned. but as i said i would do, i go in on a tuesday to do a list at the hospital. this is because of the emense need. it is surprisingly liberating working there on a tuesday and not having anything to do with the administration. recently the superintendent phoned me and came very close to forbidding me from working in the hospital. the desire to maintain face politically is more important than service delivery to them.

on two heads, the patient left the hospital and never returned. maybe her trachea finally closed and she died. but what is more likely in our setting is that she decided nothing good could come from us western doctors and she continued to seek help from where she had been getting treatment all along. she had no address and no telephone so there isn't really a chance of following up on her. i remain hopeful she will return. (the last two, yes two both came in with critical tracheal obstruction in distress and had urgent thyroidectomies)

on the powerful horn, the patient improved just enough to keep hope alive. after about a week and a half he required intubation again. he then deteriorated rapidly. finally when his kidneys packed up, i gave up hope. within a day he was dead.

but otherwise, i hope to blog more regularly now, so hope to write soon.

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