Monday, February 16, 2009

down time

just a few photos from my last jaunt to the kruger. above is a large group of dwarf mongoose.

the olifants river was in flood.

an early morning drive delivered an inquisitive hyena.

bateleur eating some roadkill.

a lion on the side of the road after a hearty meal.

mother and baby bats.

a woodlands kingfisher whose call is as beautiful as the bird itself.

and some elephants.

the maribou somehow makes ugly look beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Magnificent! That this too is part of the world on your doorstep.

rlbates said...

Absolutely breathtaking!

Jabulani said...

Thank you for sharing these. They call to a homesick soul and bestir wonderful memories :)

ditzydoctor said...

wow they are amazing! you're lucky :D

make mine trauma said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I think lions are disgusting animals, but that is just my opinion. Beware of 15 year old chimpanzees! One just went ape s*$t (sorry, couldn't resist) here in the states and almost killed (she actually may not survive) the owners friend. It was very sad for all involved, including the chimp who was destroyed.

Bongi said...

mmt, it is difficult for me to comprehend that one can view lions as disgusting. disgusting is a strong word for a beautiful magestic animal.

the thing about the chimp. i have strong feelings about that. if one chimp must die so first worlders can get the message that it is not right to keep chimps as pets then his life was well spent. the human, relatively speaking, if you compare one indivudual to the total of the species with reference to chimps versus humans, then her death is irrelevant. the so called owner of the chimp should be held responsible. i think death to her would be appropriate if one takes into consideration how many chimps died so she could have her "pet" and the relative loss to the total chimp genetical pool.

SeaSpray said...

Are these magnificent animals part of your daily life or was this a trip to a special area.

Around here...we worry about hitting a deer or maybe a bear... but an elephant? That would do some serious damage.

I love elephants! And the lions.. beautiful animals.

Bongi said...

seaspray, these are photos i took on my last trip to the kruger national park, a vast (very vast) expanse of unspoilt africa. it is where my soul is nourished. i feature the kruger on my blog quite occasionally. the wild animals have been eradicated to make way for us humans, so not a daily occurrence

make mine trauma said...

Bongi- I don't mean disgusting to look at, it is what I have seen of the habits and social attitudes of the male that disgust me. The female still has my respect for putting up with the male. I think cheetahs (my favorite) and tigers, leopards, panthers, basically all other big cats are magnificent. Perhaps because the lion is "king" he has lost his manners :D

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely NOT on the humans side of the chimp situation. I get so infuriated by animals being destroyed simply because humans are so ignorant. This chimp was simply acting as any 15 yr old male would have, by trying to establish dominance, just like he is programmed to do in the wild.
We constantly invade wild animal's habitats and wonder why they are in our backyards, then we cry for them to be destroyed because they are a nuisance. Wild horses are destroyed every year because they 'destroy the land by overgrazing because the population has grown too large.' The real reason is that they compete with cattle for feed and there is a lot of money in cattle, not so much in wild horses. There is often a bounty on coyotes, they are planning mountain lion hunts to 'control the population', fox often have a bounty, bears who continually return after being relocated several times, to a dumpster at a home in the mountain, will be destroyed. All because they threaten people who are destroying and encroaching on the animals habitat, or they threaten domestic, ie profitable, livestock. I hold strong Native American beliefs and these things sicken me so when I hear about them that I feel like I will explode.

Bongi said...

mmt, now you confuse me. you justify the chimp being a chimp (which by the way i agree with) but somehow when a lion is a lion this goes against your refined western (not native american or any other indigenous culture) sentiment. you might be interested to know male chimps beat female chimps into submission. lions don't do that. in fact lions have a bit of a bad wrap in the media.

also wild horses in north america were introduced by the conquistadores. they are not even indigenous to north america. their numbers in all likelihood are out of control because they have no natural predators. humans put them there. it seems appropriate if humans take on the roll of the predator. kill a few. why not.

killing animals that actually belong there when their numbers may be threatened makes a lot less sense, not that sense has played much of a role in human interaction with animals before.

sorry but i see no strong native american beliefs here. an indigine would have respect for a fellow predator like a lion and wouldn't be so westernly sentimental about an invader species like a wild horse.

Jabulani said...

Bongi, whilst your comment is valid and logical, I'm wondering if MMT's "Native American beliefs" are more in line with their affinity with the Spirit of the Animal against any behaviour or history thereof.

Of course MMT, if this is the case, then the SPIRIT of the lion is - as Bongi said - majestic and doesn't relate to his (or her) behaviour. Ditto the chimp. So it appears that you are applying human views on the animal kingdom, but I could have misinterpreted.

Personally, I think wild animals should have been left where they started out, and if we want to see them, go to places like the Kruger. In my opinion, the second man interfered, thus messing the natural order up, it gave animals the licence to defend themselves. We wouldn't bat an eyelid if a human were to defend themselves, so why are we so amazed when an animal does?

make mine trauma said...

you insult me but believe what you will.

Bongi said...

mmt, not too sure why you are insulted. pity that. maybe you should look at the content and not get emotional about it?

take it as you will.

Jabulani said...

MMT, I'm unsure which comment has insulted, so I will say it wasn't my intention to insult.
My para to Bongi said "I'm wondering..." in an effort to understand your beliefs. My para to you said "... I could have misinterpreted". If I did, you only had to say. If however you're insulted about my third para, then that's simply a difference of opinion. I'm a South African and also have strong beliefs about how animals should be treated. In fact, I hold strong beliefs about all of God's creation and creatures.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Now chimps and lions are a good discussion point, but... what does your bundu-bashing mode of transport look like. That's a pic I'd like to see. Couldn't tell you why. Just curious.

make mine trauma said...

Jubulani you did not insult me.

SeaSpray said...

Bongi - I hope it is alright that I have added you to my blogroll and linked to both of your most recent posts and used an excerpt from your orchestrated post. It is just so good!

Of not..let me know and I shall remove them.

Thanks! :)

How close are you to these animals when you shoot the pics and how safe are you?

anne said...

These are wonderful photographs. I often read your blogs and am thankful that I am in Europe and mustn't witness the violence that you do, but when I see these photos, I become envious.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.