Sunday, May 03, 2009

surgexperiences 222

surgexperiences 222... short and sweet.

a masterpiece by a master writer. surgeons sometimes don't allow the facts to get in the way of their hard headedness.

stupid excuses awarded.

a hospital's big five.

will boyle-o-phobia be overcome?

something off the wall. a surgeon involved in a famous controversy. i think it's monsterous.

we all make mistakes. only in surgery the stakes are higher.

a bit of lap chole fun.

buckeye helps us remember to not mess around and get back to basics.

a bit of a look at transplants.

a day in the life of a surgeon in sri lanka.

a very impressive story about minimally invasive surgery.

nightclubs remind some surgeons of lower anterior resections (for rectal cancer).

social media sites for nurses.

the surgeon and the torture memos. a must read.

patient denial leads to doctor compassion fatigue.

some people are stupid enough to try short cuts to beauty.

not something to stick your tongue out at.

a very personal look at esophagus cancer.

hairball links to bezoars.

classic svc syndrome.

short link to fourniers.

a patient's points on gynecomastia.

and that's it. short and sweet. the next edition of surgexperiences will be at notes of an anesthesioboist. for eager future hosts, please contact jeffrey, the guy who runs the show.


rlbates said...

Love the photos! Did you take them on one of your Kruger trips?

Bongi said...

some of them.

Jeffrey said...

very nice! short and sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures.

Øystein said...

To the point! Great edition and photos!

Lin said...

Innovative and attractive, indeed, sweet and short!

T. said...

Wonderful edition! I'm honored to be included - thank you!

Pete Masters said...

Web editor Pete from MSF UK here. Thanks for the mention... Great pics!

make mine trauma said...

Thanks for throwing me a bone and including my post. I seem to be having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Appreciate the link!