Monday, January 28, 2008


as you've already heard, we are having power problems in south africa. one of the commenters said something about south africans being innovative. well, seeing as though we are hosting the soccer world cup in 2010, i have the above suggestion for the evening games.

but on a lighter (lighter!! get it??) note, the spartan way of dealing with our problem.


My Kop Op 'n Blok! said...

I have totally lost track of how many Eskom jokes I have heard or seen now, but this is a saga I am really enjoying. Yesterday, when I saw the Google logo was made of Lego blocks, my immediate response was: Why don't we build ourselves a power station?!!!

Today I've got another one on my blog - I saw you commenting on the "Afrikaanse Blokke" so I hope you will appreciate my "Ons Es Kommin".

Bongi said...

my kop, ja, ek lees afrikaanse blokke. ek geniet baie van hulle nogal. dankie vir die skakel. ek het jou "ons es kommin" geniet, sowel as van die comments.

Amanzi Down Under said...

Bongi only loves 300!