Wednesday, January 03, 2007

what are we going to do today, brain?

well i've started in nelspruit. i started yesterday and today they made me head of department (mainly because the previous head feels he's wasting his time in the position because the powers that be ignore every request he makes and give him absolutely no support). this is actually a tad disturbing. i think i'm something like a sacrificial lamb.

but i decided to look on the bright side of things. if i could take over the department of surgery in nelspruit (the capital of the worst run province in probably the world mind you) in only one day, then i should be able to take over the world in about a week.

so, same as we do every day, pinky. try to take over the world!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those whom the gods want to destroy...

Sid Schwab said...

The environment in which you work seems so daunting... but then, it also seems to hold nearly unlimited possibilities for someone like you.