Sunday, March 04, 2007

sad update

last week i saw a picture in the local paper of god's window, absolutely identical in fact to the one i posted, so i read the article. it was about a tourist from gauteng, one of our provinces, who came to see god's window. apparently it was a lifelong dream of her's. in fact she apparently told friends it was something she wanted to do before she died. she stayed in a local lodge and visited the site. afterwards she signed out at the lodge, telling them she was on her way back to gauteng. it seems she decided to take in the view once more before embarking on her homeward journey. the next morning her raped, murdered body was found at god's window.

this is so typical of the paradox we live by every day in south africa. south africans reading this will be thinking she was foolish to go back at night because we know that that sort of thing is not safe. you might just get raped or killed or both. but why should we be scared in our own country? why is crime so out of control that we actually accept this as not too strange an occurrence? all i can really say is what allan paton said so well; cry the beloved country

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