Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i am a finalist in the literary category!! obviously capitals are not a prerequisite.

but actually i'm honoured and inquisitive about how i compare to my very excellent co-finalists. now, believing as i do that the only thing worse than a politician is a lawyer, i morally can't campaign actively for my readers to vote for me. however, what i will say is that if you truly think i deserve this honour, please do vote.

for those who don't know my writing, i have decided to select a few posts that i thought weren't too bad.

how to wake up.

what to wear.

what not to do in front of the prof.

an icu patient.

a student's story.

a south african perspective.

anyway, please only vote for me if you think i actually deserve the award. if not, please vote for whoever you think does deserve the award.


Mal Content said...

Congratulations boet !!
You write really well and your humanity and concern for your patients and our beloved country are self evident.
PS...how many times can i vote?

rlbates said...

Congrats! You are in good company.

Anony Mouse said...


You have (and deserve) my vote...

Jeffrey said...


Megan said...

Congratulations, it is well deserved!

Melissa Gay Art said...

Well, I voted for you already. :) Congratulations and good luck!

Devorrah said...

You're absolutely worthy of this honor. You get my vote and those of any blog friends I can shanghai.

Jade said...

I read 'A student's story' off all scrubbed up (my intro to medblogs) didn't realise it was your posts. I get anxiety attacks just thinking about my upcoming 2wk urology rotation thanks to the story.
Who's allowed 2 vote?

Jabulani said...

Huzzah ... what excellent news on my return home! An instant de-stresser.
And a fabulous choice of posts too. I enjoyed them just as much the second time round :)
You deserve to stand shoulder-to-shoulder here.

Jayne said...

Congrats bongi :-) I've just voted for you & right now, you're in the lead - yay!

Jeffrey Parks MD FACS said...

good job Bongi. hope you win.

Eish said...

You're deserving! Got my vote, for sure.