Monday, November 23, 2009

at last, a golden llama!

i have just been awarded the prestigious golden llama award by the illustrious doctor rob over at musings of a distractible mind. he awarded it in a nice little limerick.

a blogger from far away nation
made blogworld his lone destination
so bongi’s awarded
his praise is accorded
given sans capitalization

i'm highly impressed with this most coveted of blog awards, but i feel a bit guilty (not guilty enough not to display the award of course). you see the reason i ended up in las vegas for the blogworld expo was entirely due to the efforts of doctor val over at better health. so, as part of my acceptance speech, let me acknowledge dr val as the catalyst that flew me over the ocean to the very strange land of las vegas.


rlbates said...


Jabulani said...

I second rlbates.

Dr. Rob said...

It does not matter. The poem would have won it, as would bringing your fine fiancee with you. But it was just such a delight to meet you in person that there is no way I couldn't award it. Besides, Val didn't get jet lag; you did.

DHS said...

fiancee? tell us more!

Jim Bob said...

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