Monday, February 01, 2010

make your mark

as has already been mentioned, this blog is a finalist in the category 'best literary medical weblog of 2009'. seeing that the awards are supposed to be for 2009 i thought i would give a link or two, more for the people who are new to the blog. if you think these links are worthwhile, browse around a bit and see if there is anything else you like.

psychiatry was never my thing.

the moulding of the surgical personality.

pressures in surgery.

i don't want to live forever.


this post links to my surgical principles, some of which i think are sort of ok.

as i said, these are just a few samples of the 2009 stuff. if you do think it's sort of ok, please feel free to vote for me here. i'm up against some pretty good competition.


stalky and co said...

i was interested to read about your experience as a 14 year old and how this moulded you into wanting to be a surgeon.
Do you think these all male boarding schools are a good thing? I am thinking of the poem IF by Kipling. Does such an environment turn you from a mummys boy into a man? Would you, for example send your own son to an exclusive private, full of ancient traditions and with great academic and sporting acheivements sort of school. The sort of place with a latin moto? or will you send your son to a mixed school in neilspruit where he can see Amanzitoti everyday and can have Velcro on his trainers so he doesnt learn to tie his own shoe laces? will you, in essence: do to your son what generations of Bonji`s before him did........and send him to such a school?

Albinoblackbear said...

You've already gotten my vote Bongi.

Bongi said...

stalky, that experience did not make me want to be a surgeon. it was just something that moulded who i became and possibly helped in forming certain attributes that are useful when you are a surgeon.

a short answer to your rather long winded question would be that i would give him the choice.

albino, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I love your blog Bongi. It gives me the inspiration to study hard in high school. I thank you for posting your experiences and I wish you the best for the Medical Weblog Awards!

Dragonfly said...

You have my vote. Done.

Albinoblackbear said...

Oh and...come vote for me on Dr.D's blog...


In case you're wondering...I actually DID vote for you long before I knew I was up for the medstudent blogger award by him. So it isn't a quid pro quo.

Albinoblackbear said...

Or is it? hehehe

Greg P said...

try not to be so mercenary.
Surely your blog speaks for itself, Bongi.

Bongi said...

greg, i actually agree with you. i felt somewhat mercenary posting this post.

my pseudo-justification is that this part of the competition is more a popularity competition (i'm not american so i don't necessarily intrinsically believe in democracy). i thought i'd put up a post or two so that those that want to look at the 2009 material can have a quick sample.

but point well taken.

amanzimtoti said...

vote for bongi!