Monday, June 04, 2007

all's well in the state of denmark

yes i bitch a lot about the political state in our country, but recently i read a newspaper article about the state of public health in zimbabwe. i realise that although we are surely on the slippery slope, we have a long way to go before we reach their position.

the article spoke about the fact that doctors are now joining the ongoing strikes of other social services. apparently they are asking for 600% increase. this is not too wild bearing in mind their inflation is about 1000% per year. apparently the hospitals are so bad at the moment that they have no one to remove the bodies of the dead to the morgues so the living patients lie in between the dead. i swear i read this in a newspaper.

i spoke to a registrar surgeon from harare about a year ago. then he told me they have no anaesthetic service and therefore no operations after hours and over weekends. and that's in their capital. so possibly it is true.

so relatively speaking, all is still well in our country.

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