Monday, June 18, 2007

steve hofmeyr

don't get me wrong!!! i don't like his music much (before my south african readers flame the crap out of me). but i can't help liking the guy on many other levels. above is a picture of him helping out in the pretoria academic hospital (where i studied and qualified both pre-grad and post-grad) during the strikes that still continue. (i gave my opinion already) international viewers, don't be alarmed by the gun toting soldiers. soldiers were brought in to help during the strikes. the ones with guns are probably to keep strikers from attacking the hospital and vandalising it or intimidating non strikers.

but the guy in the middle is an afrikaans singer. find him at steve se spoeg blok. interesting to note how wide his support is. he really is making a name for himself outside his somewhat mediocre singing.

i'm really impressed with him for his small contribution to the public health sector in helping during the strikes. i'm also impressed with him for his resistance to the government's steamrollering of the afrikaans people and culture and history. (this is something that lies close to my heart too). this is most obvious in his campaign against the name change from pretoria to tswane.

i also pretty much like the fact that we support the same rugby team. call me shallow, but hey...


Anonymous said...

great views....specially the rugby team!

who is the bird next to SH?

Bongi said...

i don't know