Thursday, June 14, 2007


recently i heard a story that really made me laugh. about 45 minutes from nelspruit is a sponsored aids clinic. it is financed by some international group. it is manned by doctors and nurses. it also employs 'aids' (no pun intended. that's actually what they are called). the aids were all patients at one time or another. they mainly act as interpreters, but fulfill many menial tasks

anyway what happened is that a vicious rumour started up that one specific aid was not actually hiv positive. the other aids started complaining and actually wanted her fired. it caused such a rucus that the doctor working with this aid was asked to surrupticiously "please just confirm that she does have hiv".

so people discriminate. hiv positive people will even discriminate against those that don't have it. this is truly the first incident of someone almost losing their job because of not having aids.

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