Sunday, June 10, 2007

this is where i heal my hurts

in the kruger national park is a golf course. this photo was taken on that golf course. how cool is that!!!

but what i actually wanted to write about is the park. the kruger park is about as large as england, but elongated. it recently has taken down fences between it and numerous private reserves on its western border and a new game reserve in mocambique on its eastern border. the result is an enormous chunk of unspoiled african bushveld.

living only an hour's drive away as i do in nelspruit, i go there whenever i can. it is truly soul restoring. there are few things that compare to enjoying a sundowner on the banks of the letaba or olifants or even sabie river and watching the elephants come down for a drink. all the wories of life seem to melt away when you see the peace of those great beasts.

for all you non south africans reading this blog, you really need to take a moment to stop by and experience the magnificent kruger.


Sid Schwab said...

some day... some day...

And if I do, I'm looking you up.

Bongi said...

i would expect it