Monday, July 02, 2007


so here i am, innocently watching the news. there is a story about a guy who gets sentenced to twelve consecutive life sentences for raping some young girls with the clear knowledge that he is hiv positive. at the end of the story they mention, almost in passing that the girls were all virgins.

now why do i blog this? the news did not talk about the point of the story because it is not pc in the present day south africa. the news writer probably wrote it but it was edited out by the power seekers. the writer did manage to leave one line in that gets to the point. the girls were all virgins.

the point that those in this line of work in our country will immediately click onto is that our great and wonderful sangomas some time ago propogated sex with a virgin as a cure to hiv. i kid you not. the reasoning is something along the lines that you get the virus from sleeping with a not-so-pure woman. therefore you can get rid of the virus by sleeping with a pure girl.

so this man is an example, hopefully, that the modern south africa will no longer endure this. i doubt it though due to the importance the community attaches to these wonderful healers otherwise known as sangomas.

a few questions. what are twelve life sentences? how do you serve that? which girls will not truly get justice? and they conveniently don't mention how many of his victims ended up hiv positive. besides will anyone ever know how many virgin girls he actually raped. (it's interesting to mention that quite recently parents encouraged their children to hide their virgin status because of this belief)

but i wonder who is the real culprit here and who is the scape goat, especially bearing in mind that our ministry of health has put more emphasis on integration of so called traditional medicine to counteract aids than antiretrovirals. not that i would bat an eyelid at the extermination of this particular scape goat.


Anonymous said...

...or the extermination by natural means of the culprits...eventually

Bongi said...

only the good die young. we'd all like to believe in some universal equaliser, but, alas, it is the innocent and good that will die.

ask any surgeon, if he gets two gunshot wounds in with exactly the same injuries. one is a teacher and spends his spare time in community upliftment projects. the other is a criminal who makes a living by hijacking cars and occasionally killing people. which one has the better chance of survival???

unfortunately there is no karma in medicine.

Steve Hayes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've posted on this topic too, with a link to yours (see links below).

Sid Schwab said...

Over here, it's said that survival of trauma is inversely related to one's value to society. Not entirely true, of course; but in keeping with your comment. Nor is your country alone in the push to integrate traditional medicine. Med schools in the US are doing the same thing. It's hard to be an optimist. About anything.

Doc said...

Sad to hear that, sometimes humans can do terrible things.

Leigh said...

Truly scary. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!