Wednesday, July 25, 2007


for those that actually frequent my blog, you will know that i occasionally wax lyrical about the beautiful lowveld where i live. if you want medical, turn back now.

recently i went to the sudwala caves. what an amazingly beautiful place. the above photo was taken in those caves. it shows a stalagtite, stalagmite, flow combination. but there is so much more there. there is even an amphitheater (nothing like an operating theater) where they even occasionally have music performances and the like.

anyway, for those of you planning to visit south africa, once again, do not overlook the lowveld. and if you find yourself in the lowveld, stop by at the caves. it is worth your while.


eastcoastlife said...

oh gosh. For a moment, I thought it was a skulk! hehehe....
That sounds like a lovely place.

My apologises, I would love to visit South Africa but I heard so much about the high crime rates in South Africa. It's good to read about it from your blog though. Cheers.

rlbates said...

If you ever come to Arkansas (USA), we have some similar cave--Blanchard Springs Caverns. Beautiful!

Bongi said...

eastcoast, yes, the crime is everything you've heard and sometimes more. still worth the visit, but you need to be careful.