Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i see little karen has tagged me. in fact tagging seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. i have decided to only partly play along. i will state 8 random facts, but i don't intend to tag anyone else sorry little.

8 random facts:-

1) i used to do bee keeping and removal. in fact while studying surgery i augmented my income by removing bee hives. good business with the prolific african bee (known in america as the killer bee)

2) i almost didn't study medicine because i considered the course too long. funny in retrospect seeing that i went on to study surgery, more than doubling the time i took to fully qualify.

3)i'm interested in south african history, especially the history of individual groups. the boer war is of particular interest to me, although i haven't read too much in the last many years.

4)other jobs i did pregrad to make money include waitering, working for a short time in a petrol station and working in a pathology lab where i drew blood.

5)just like Someone Interested in Medical Student and Resident Education, i am interested in medical student and registrar education. however, for all sorts of reasons, those things are on a backburner. hopefully a time will still come.

6)i still get a rush out of operating. it strikes me as a totally abnormal thing to do. cut another human being open. and to be allowed to do it. freaky.

7)i still ask all gunshot victims what happened although experience has taught me the answer is usually (not always) a lie.

8) i'm tired and going to bed now.


Sid Schwab said...

#1: interesting, in that surgeons, of all people, seem not to have a hive mind. On the other hand, they get used, in training, to stinging criticism.

amanzimtoti said...

That's my boy! I'm not into chain letters either.