Monday, September 03, 2007

too good to be true

just a quick update.

if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. the possibility of the downfall of manto therefore won't happen. interestingly the anc has now claimed they were always aware of her conviction of theft. maybe they viewed that as an attribute that perfectly qualifies her for a top position.

seems she got her liver transplant legitimately (hmmm?). she has at no stage questioned allegations of alcoholism, so i think we can assume that the reason for the liver failure is self evident.

thabo mbeki, the president has publically praised the minister as a hero of the people (the hiv negative ones maybe) and stated that she is doing a great job.

meanwhile some guy writes a book about what a great leader thabo mbeki is. he then goes on to say that all people who have been advocating antiretroviral drugs as treatment for hiv owe the afforementioned 'great leader' an apology. this has to do with the fact that antiretrovirals have more side effects than garlic and beetroot (which is what thabo and manto propose as first line treatment of hiv)

so, in summary, our convicted thief health minister who denies the use of antiretrovirals as important in the fight against aids is not only still in control but fully backed by the government of the day, the anc.


Anonymous said...

Whoo...I always knew there was a reason my mum told me to eat more garlic and beetroot.

Craig Taverner said...

Surprise, surprise ....