Sunday, October 14, 2007

bring it home, boys!!

many years ago in the english town of rugby, a boy called william webb ellis while playing soccer, picked up the ball and ran. and thus rugby was born.

above is the william webb ellis trophy. the trophy given to the winner of the world cup. south africa has just convincingly beaten argentina (in a very unconvincing performance) to qualify to play the final against england (who we beat previously in this competition, but in all fairness, they are playing much better at the moment).

so next week, the final and the trophy comes back to us once more.

bring it home, boys!!!


Greg P said...

Oddly enough, today in the local paper (Louisville, KY) there was an item about an Aussie-style rugby championship happening here -- I gather some US-wide event.

Bongi said...

interesting. the so called aussie rules rugby is, however vastly different to normal rugby. you could say they are about the same as british football and american football.

Sid Schwab said...

When I played in college, we took Spring trips to the Bahamas to participate in tournaments. We were a good side, and frequently won, against actual British teams. They insisted, however, that that had only been a warm up: Rugby, they said, is really played in the local pub, after. In that, they never lost.

Anonymous said...

Aussie Rules Football - in South Africa schoolboys call it (used to call it) dryfens / dryfentjies; 6 to 8 players late afternoon in an impromptu game on an otherwise deserted rugby field. Rather that than doing homework.
Perhaps still practiced in bongi's era.
Whether the World Cup will come back to the colonies, is a moot point.
Mr Wilkinson as the modern day Naas Botha, can easily win it for the Empire.

Bongi said...

anon, we played what we called gainers, but never aussie rules.

small point, but i must disagree with south africa being a colony. yes the british won the war, but the colonists are a very small minority in our country. die meeste spelers in die huidige span sal nie dink hulle speel vir 'n 'colony' span nie.

in the end, possibly a matter of opinion.

Sid Schwab said...

You'll like this, if you haven't already seen it:

Sid Schwab said...

Sorry. Should have done it like this.

Bongi said...

brilliant stuff sid. we thought we would face the all black hakka, but we didn't have to. we did face the tongan and samoan hakkas though. we sorted them out in the ensuing game.