Saturday, October 06, 2007

giant killers

most rugby supporters will agree that there are three teams in the world that stand head and shoulders above all the rest. the all blacks (new zealand), the wallabies (australia) and the springbokke (south africa).

yet today in two quarter finals of the world cup, both the all blacks and the wallabies were eliminated!!! (new zealand went down to france and australia went down to england) wow!!! only south africa remains. (we play tomorrow against figi who have never beaten us).

i can't help feeling that, if we keep our heads and play our style of rugby, this world cup is ours.

here is to hoping!!!!


Greg P said...

There must be something in the human condition that sports matches are emblematic of.

To an outsider they can seem obtuse or frivolous, yet are highly preferable to social unrest and military clashes. Maybe someday the UN could mainly be a sports organization.

Good luck to the Springbokke.

Bongi said...

greg, thank you. we just beat figi, but they really gave us a run for our money. obtuse or not, i'm delighted. sport is much better than war. go bokke!!!! (afrikaans short for springbokke). this world cup is quite a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Nou pra'e jy! ;-)

Amanzi Down Under said...

It will be fantastic if the Springboks win! (Go Bokke!)
Jake White would have a lot to answer for if they didn't.... The Australians and Kiwis are still quite bitter about the so called B-team that he sent to the Tri-Nations.

Sid Schwab said...

Having mostly been following via this blog, I have to ask: in the days of the iron men, when I played, there were no substitutions, so that sometimes we'd start 15 v. 15 and end up 12 v. 11 or some such thing. I believe subs are now allowed. True? Meanwhile, you've made me a convert: go bokke!

Bongi said...

yes, substitutes allowed. if i'm not mistaken, 7 per team and not only for injury as it was when i played at school. other rules have made the game somewhat safer too, so unusual to take players off for injury. there is also what i call the hiv rule, but is actually called the blood substitution rule. if you bleed, you must be substituted, but if they stop the bleeding within a certain time you can return and it doesnn't count as a substitute.

and, yes go bokke!!!!

Amanzi Down Under said...

Go Bokke!
I was delighted to see NZ knocked out of the tournament, those guys take this thing way too seriously.

I didn't delight too vocally at work though, as my Kiwi senior colleague is 6'4" and built like he scrumed down with some of the current all blacks when at school and I had to beg a few off days from him. He did give me the days off, if only to keep my smirking springbok supporting face out of his view.

Aus can still cheer on Eddie Jones, he's still in the game!

Now Argentina should be swiftly delt with before we show the North that the South is best (again)!

Bongi said...

on paper we should thrash argentina, but, as a friend said, we don't play on paper. on paper we should have no problem with any remaining team, but the level of play has been excellent, so we mustn't rest on our laurels.

go bokke!!!