Monday, March 23, 2009

surgical principles of bongi

i've always maintained that you should not be allowed to qualify as a doctor without reading the house of god by samuel shem. but that is not what this post is about.

for those of you who have read the masterpiece, you will be familiar with the rules of the house of god as espoused by the fat man. well i sort of developed the surgical principles of bongi, also all anecdotal and not tested by the rigorous requirements of science, but somehow of value, at least to me.

i have decided to embark on a series of posts based on the surgical principles of bongi. to be honest i have been playing with the idea for some time, but have always wondered if these sorts of series may be a precursor to the natural death of a blog (like the great surgeonsblog) and have therefore resisted the urge.

and so without further ado. the principles are:-

1)to swear does in fact help.

2)fear nothing but fear itself.

3)all bleeding stops.


5)it is in fact always the surgeon's fault.

6)take a moment.

7)break the tension, don't add to it.

8)we do it to impress the chicks.


DrB said...

now THAT is a great book... :)

rlbates said...

Would love to hear you "principles"

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it! I really hope Sid Schwab starts blogging at surgeonsblog once again, it's awesome. Awaiting your new series with anticipation!

Vijay said...

"...wondered if these sorts of series may be a precursor to the natural death of a blog ..."

i don't like the sound of that line, but i love the idea of hearing the great bongi's principles :)

Unknown said...

I also developed my own version of The Rules.

SeaSpray said...

Can't wait Bongi!

Anonymous said...

House of God is great, but your posts are the true masterpieces!