Sunday, September 20, 2009

surgexperiences 306

welcome to south africa for this week's surgexperiences. enjoy the small view of this world in one country as well as some great posts.

union buildings

about surgery brings to our attention a pretty bizarre intraoperative possible complication.

rugby world cup champions

a bit of an overview of intraperitoneal chemotherapy in malignant mesothelioma, from malignant mesothelioma.

table mountain

quietusleo recalls a humorous story about a robust surgeon flipping a patient like a pancake. he also talks about the only patient he knows who actually sang herself to sleep.

lost city

vanguard gives us news of free cardiac surgery in the sudan.

natal sardine run

sterile eye gives the english speaking world a sneak preview of one of his videos.

three rondawels

medzag writes an absolutely brilliant post about his surgery rotation. i really enjoyed this immensely.

robben island

an overview of smoking and its effects by sagarika for those of you who didn't yet know it was bad for you.

robben island

everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news. popehat was with his father who was to undergo surgery.

paarl rock

could fear of cancer be an indication for prophylactic mastectomy? unbound medicine gives a compelling argument.

our greatest statesman

life in the fast lane gives a very well put together case report and discussion on isolated volar distal ulnar dislocation.

letaba outside elephant museum

a touching story about a "surgeon" in somalia by bartamaha.

letaba river. my soul's secret place

dermmatters gives a very practical guide about taking your own clinical photos.

kimberly big hole

i've always felt that surgical drains are absolutely essential so i particularly enjoyed dr bates' post on the history of surgical drains.

golden gate

methodical madness gives a very humorous account of when a good spam filter just does not work for a gastroenterological pathologist.

golden gate

i really enjoyed this off the wall look at breast reconstruction and why it would not be overly useful for the amazons, written by plastic surgery 101.

god's window

who cuts off your leg, the doctor or the seestah? ask little karen.

bourke's luck potholes

this one touched a nerve in me. those days are over but the future turned out not so rosy hey, boereworsmedicine?

boulders beach

never underestimate aberrant anatomy in the area of the common bile duct. thanks for reminding us buckeye.

blyde river canyon

and i suppose that's it. please contact jeff, the guy who runs the show at surgexperiences if you want to host a future edition. if you are wondering if you should, the answer is yes.
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cape town

hope you enjoyed a few south african scenes as well as some really worthwhile posts.


rlbates said...

Beautiful photos!!! and some good writing. :)

Vijay said...

great photos, bongi. captions or explanatory notes would've been nice!

Unknown said...

Excellent edition!

MedZag said...

Thanks for hosting this round, bongi!

Anonymous said...

Great edition and pictures!

Thanks for including me.

Editor said...

Thanks so much for including DermMatters!
(James J. Gormley, editor, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and DermMatters)

Vetnurse said...

Fantastic photos brought back many memories. And l also grabbed some good blog links thanks :-)