Tuesday, June 05, 2007

african down under

from the very small amanzi family i recently read a guest post on amanzi down under. i was moved. i was moved by an african post in australia written by an african in britian. and only an african would have been moved. it was about how the rest of the world sees our backward continent and how we continue to love it, maybe against all logic.

i have recently posted quite a bit about the problems which we face (here and here). i have also posted about how much i love this country and by default this continent (here and here). i also recently had a fairly good hearted arguement on another blog about the difference between our sangomas and other "enlightened" forms of alternative healings. one comment was about the fact that those other forms are 'nothing like sangomas'. i could almost hear the comentator saying 'we are western and nothing like you savage africans. i know your sangomas therefore can be nothing like the alternative healers that have my western stamp of approval'.

only an african in africa or in australia or even in britian will be able to understand why i was moved so much by the abovementioned post.


Sid Schwab said...

I don't find it puzzling at all that you love your country and your continent. Not the governments therein, maybe; but the land and its people. You've made it very clear there's much to love.

Anonymous said...

I second the surgeon. Africa is an astonishing continent, that's plain even considering the little I know about it, really. I hope freedom and prosperity comes to it's nations soon.

Bongi said...

yes i love africa, but sometimes even i despair for her. i plan on posting about the strikes soon. i see just up the dose already has.

Anonymous said...

dear bongi,

as a "spoiled first world country inhibitant", I always have considered that being raised and living in Africa is a privilige, more than something to look down to.
No other continent on earth offers this close and true living in, by and trough nature as Africa. Once she opened your heart, the love for her never lets go.
take care.

Amanzi Down Under said...

The love for Africa runs in my blood...
I'm often asked where I'm from and I proudly say 'South Africa' and I see the surprise in the Curious eyes: "But you speak English so well!"
I should, it's my first language
"But you don't look Black"
That's because I'm not...but it doesn't mean that I'm not an African.

Peggy hopes that "freedom will come to Africa's nations" Freedom for which nations I ask... For the Poor and downtrodden, from the Government that they themselves Democratically elected to rule, but who later turned out to be Despots. Or freedom for those who were never the Oppressors, but are now not allowed to call themselves African simply because they're not Black.

Sorry Bongi for Ranting in your blog... I think I'll just continue this in mine :)