Friday, December 05, 2008

panel of experts

my blogger friend enrico managed to hijack doctor anonymous's blogtalkradio show this morning. he invited me as a member of what he termed a panel of experts. i think i was there for the comic relief, but i was in the midst of giants. the other experts were ramona, dr val and mother jones. later vijay phoned in too. it was great fun. thanks enrico!


rlbates said...

Actually, we feel lucky to hang out with you

Anonymous said...

@rlbates - my sentiments exactly! Nobody else needed the extra step of waking up at ~4am, so that ALONE is already props to you.

Unless by "giants" you mean size, which is apropos for me, but I don't think the ladies (including Vijay) would appreciate it... hahaha just kidding ;)

Thanks again for helping make a great show!

Jabulani said...

Bongi, go on - indulge your fellow panelists's awe of your accent. Once a month just podcast your longest blog. Then you don't have to think of anything to say and your literary brilliance becomes an auditory feast :)

Bongi said...

jabulani, thank you for your kind words.