Tuesday, December 16, 2008

weblog awards

once again i'm humbled and amazed. let's face it i'm more amazed than humbled (i am a surgeon after all). but i've been nominated in two categories for this year's medgadget medical weblog awards. they are:


  • Best Literary Medical Weblog
  • Notes of an Anesthesioboist

    other things amanzi

    Reflections in a Head Mirror

    Rural Doctoring

    Science-Based Medicine

    take a look at the amazing blogs i have the priveledge of standing next to. to be honest i think the best blog award is a far cry for me. i semi-wonder if i have a chance in the literary category, but time will tell.

    i suggested they make a new category about the hilarious and the sublime where i think i should be able to clean up, but they thought i was being hilarious and sublime.

    anyway, thanks for the nomination.


    Jabulani said...

    I am amazed that you should even question the nomination! Your humility I don't even question.

    It is, I guess, a reflection, not on what you think of yourself, but on what those who read your blog think of your inestimable skills both as a fabulous raconteur, and surgeon.

    Congratulations, this recognition is thoroughly deserved. I am privileged to know you.

    Vijay said...

    the recognition and nominations are unquestionably well deserved.

    i agree with your assessment that the chances are slim in the best medical weblog category.

    it's going to be very tough to pick between you, theresa & bruce in the best literary weblog.

    i have a feeling theresa will walk away with the new medical blogger award, so it ought to leave you and bruce. just based on the powerful imagery of your posts, you are a shoo-in for the award.

    rlbates said...

    Voting is going to be tough this year! YOU deserved the nominations and I hope you win

    Jade said...

    Ahh, there goes that surgeon charm that all students love...to hate ;-)
    Well done. I hope you win, you deserve to.
    By the way, still can't get over your post called Blind Chicken Boy. I made some of my friends read it and they thought it was helluva funny

    make mine trauma said...

    ahh Bongi, both nominations well deserved.