Saturday, August 02, 2008

surgexperiences 203

welcome to another edition of surgexperiences!!!

surgexperiences is a fortnightly carnival of surgically related posts in the blogosphere. so without further ado, let's see what's to be seen out there.

t gives an absolutely brilliant piece about the effect of the inevitable on the treating doctors.
We do feel it in the O.R., even after years in practice. A sad diagnosis cuts a wide swathe. Even with the patient anesthetized on the table, totally unaware of our presence and our sympathy, we express our pain and our care, in awkward murmurs and pregnant pauses. The dye seeps into our stories as well; the fringes touch and mingle. We are changed.
t also gives us a more light hearted look at the 'scrubs' we wear.

little karen brings back to mind the horror that is necrotising faciitis. as always well written.

frankie explains the differences between an internist and a surgeon. it is clear that frankie leans more towards the surgical side of the spectrum. otherwise he would have done the comparison in table form.

half md throws a life raft for students about to rotate through surgery. i must say i loved this post. it reminded me so much of what i like to refer to the bad old days. unfortunately it's mostly true.

someonetc hopefully brings balance to the view of training with a post about calm and assertive leadership. for others interested in training, this blog is a good place to stop most days.

from the other side of the blood brain barrier the sandman gives what i view as a must read. it addresses a frustration that us surgeons sometimes have to face. but it also illustrates that the fear of consequence (litigation???) may be eroding the quality of care rendered.

dr penna talks about molecular orthopaedics. who would have thunk? on a sister blog, doctor penna talks about direct observation of procedural skills in surgery.

thus spake zuska writes a post giving the personal perspective of what her doctor probably viewed as just another quick procedure. nice to be reminded that there is really no such thing as just another quick procedure.

one of my all time favorite bloggers, dr bates, gives us a taste of medical history. (i just tried to pronounce the blalock-taussig-thomas collaboration.). dr bates also tells what can only be seen as an absolutely shocking story. i only hope that this does not tarnish the general public's opinion of surgeons in general.

dr r touches on the same topic as dr bates in temporary tattoos for surgeons.

orac joins the fray.

and aggravated docsurg drives the point home.
aggravated also gives what i thought a brilliant look at work hour restrictions. you can't learn if you don't get the opportunity (read time).

dr alice also touches the prickly issue of decreased work hours.

dr shock gives us a psychiatric perspective of the post operative period. i can certainly attest to the increased difficulties and therefore complications associated with operating these patients.

radiology picture of the day
shows a great ct of an endoleak. take a look and remind yourself of the classification.

dr b writes a post expressing one of the numerous frustrations associated with the job. i too would have felt abused.

sometimes collegeal relations can be quite confusing as the independent urologist discovered to his surprise.

buckeye surgeon
tells us about surgery on the elderly. he also gives us an absolute masterpiece about really making a difference in someone's life.

medzag takes us through a few recent patients. a look from a different angle.

jeff wonders if surgeons should be taught all the things they are. i must say i couldn't disagree more.

ic disease takes a look at a few miscellaneous treatments for interstitial cystitis.

sandy robinson from fighting fatigue gives a list people suffering from chronic fatigue should give their surgeon before undergoing surgery.

well folks, that's surgexperiences 203. for the next edition take a look at jeffreymd. you can simply submit posts here.
also, for those who want to host future editions, drop a line to jeffrey leow here.


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Good work, Bongi. And congrats on the award on the excellent post, Family.

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wonderful job, as usual!

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Great job and an interesting read, thanks and regards Dr Shock

Jeffrey said...

congrats on a fantastic edition.

and with the award, i thought it was only a matter of time. please compile a book soon and i'll be honored to get you to sign it for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Post-op progress note:
Excellent job. I was happy to assist in this surgical eXperience but now I can't find my watch.

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Hello! Thanks for including me...

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Thanks for the link. Good job, as usual.