Thursday, October 30, 2008


as i've already said, the small community of registrars in pretoria tended to lend itself to gossip. i had been the brunt of rumours and rumours of rumours a number of times so generally i just ignored juicy stories about other people, especially if they were friends.

and this was what i did when rumours started doing the rounds about one of the registrars of urology. she was an enigmatic girl with a fast mouth and a vibrant personality. i counted her as a friend. so when someone let slip that she was having an affair with a registrar from another discipline i quickly said i was not interested in even listening to these stories. people stopped polluting my ears with this foul gossip.

then one day someone came up to me.
"bongi what's this i hear about you?" i was willing to at least hear the gossip about myself.
"what? you tell me." i asked.
"well you know the stories about e of urology having an affair? is it true that that affair is in fact with you?" i had to laugh. i denied it without too much fanfare. then i went looking for my urological colleague.

i only ran into her a few days later. we greeted each other with our usual enthusiasm and then i asked.
"i really need to ask you something," i said with a smile. "i heard a rumour that you and i are having an affair. is it true?" her face broke into a smile when she answered;
"oh i really hope so!"

who could blame her?


BBourgonjon said...


rlbates said...

Yes, who could blame her? Good story

ÆListair said...

That brightened my day somewhat, very funny!

Greg P said...

Fanning the flames of rumor and ardor.

Melissa Gay Art said...

LOL! Bongi, that's the best possible way to respond to gossip! Good on ya.

Jayne said...

Awwwwww :-)
Just had a wonderful tour around your end of the world - E.Tvl & Limpopo truly spectacular.......was amazed at how Nelspruit had grown.

Toni Brayer, MD said...

That's adorable. I love the small print "who could blame her?"

Devorrah said...

Cute story!

solipsistnation said...

So, then... Did you? 8)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were into her.